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REGULAR COCA TEA: This is made from whole coca leaf which has been ground into a powder. Mix with hot but not boiling water. Make with 1-2 teaspoons per cup, or to preferred strength. Coca Seeds / Leaves / Powder

Works well in a french press. Let tea steep for 5 minutes minimum before serving. The tea will have a stimulating effect lasting 3-5 hours. Many people feel increased energy, greater concentration and focus. Add mint or another herbal tea for flavour, sweeten as desired. COLD BREW COCA: Stir 1-3g of coca powder into a jug per 1 cup of room temperature water. Leave in fridge for 24 to 36 hours, stirring 3-4 times. Pour off liquid, filter out coca sediment or just pour off water carefully. Flavour with sugar, mint, chamomile, black tea or as desired. Add one teabag per cup during coldbrew for great flavour.

TRIPLE STRENGTH COCA TEA: This is made from only the highest-quality whole coca leaves and has an even higher alkaloid level than the standard tea. Make it in the same way as the basic powdered tea, hot or cold brew. It will have a stronger effect and a smoother taste.

WHOLE COCA LEAF: Pure whole coca leaf. Best for chewing, not for making tea. Use 1 to 2 grams of leaf at a time. For a smoother chew, pull out most of the stalk pieces before using. Add a pinch of baking soda directly to the pulpy leaves in your mouth after a few minutes of sucking, to activate the coca alkaloids. (It’s best to suck and squeeze leaves between teeth, and not actually chew.) Your cheek will go numb and you’ll feel energized. Add another pinch of baking soda after 10 minutes for maximum effect. You can just swallow the remnants of the leaves, or spit them out and rinse your mouth after the effect is worn off.

COCA-INFUSED CHEWING GUM: Infused with the power of coca. These are stronger than our old gummy bears. Chew 1-2 pieces for better energy, without the shakiness, jitters or stomach cramps of caffeine. Formulated for energy, focus, alertness and pain relief. Effects last for 2-4 hours. Coca Seeds / Leaves / Powder

COCA CANDY ULTRA: Our strongest coca candy product. Will make your mouth numb and give a powerful boost lasting 2-4 hours. Hard candy, just sugar, natural flavours and pure coca extract. Enhances mental clarity and focus.

COCA COUGH CANDY: Almost as strong as the Ultra. Mentholated cough drop candy with 1g coca extract. Soothes throat, calms cough, provides energy and focus. Slight numbness to the mouth.