Nolvadex-D ( Tamoxifen) is effective product to overcome breast cancer on early stages. The drug is used for a long time for therapeutic purposes and has proven its effectiveness. Properties of this drug prevent the interaction of cancer cells with estrogen (female sex hormones). Estrogens, in case of illness, are used by cancer cells for development. Preventing this process can prevent the development of the disease.

In sport properties of  Nolvadex-D are also used for the same purposes as in the treatment of diseases. Counteracting excess estrogen is a very important point during the using of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS).

 Nolvadex-D acts the next way: when it enters the organism, the active ingredients of the drug bind to the estrogen receptors in the cell membrane. Thus, the estrogen that appears as a consequence of aromatization does not have the ability to bind to its receptor, which would affect the development of the cell. As a result, most of the female sex hormones remain in the body, in an inactive state and may not cause side effects

This prevents athlete from the following problems: Gynecomastia (unnatural growth of mammary glands in men), the accumulation of water as a result of estrogenic activity and the storage of female-type fat (hips, waist, abdomen).


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