Regular Coca Powder

Regular Coca Powder

Regular Coca Powder


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Coca powder PREMIUM QUALITY (Erythroxylum coca spp.) Is a plant native to South America, considered sacred in the Inca ceremonies. The name coca is derived from the Aymara “Kkoka” which means divine plant. The main production areas in Peru are historically located in the valleys of La Convención and Lares of the Department of Cusco, in the valley of the Apurímac River, between the departments of Cusco and Ayacucho, Inambari – Tambopata of the Department of Puno and the zones of Tingo María and Uchiza in the upper basin of the Huallaga River in the Departments of Huánuco and San Martín.

Our coca powder is made directly from the best coca leaf from the Sacred Valley of Cusco, it is a powerful energizer of millenary use and sacred for the Incas. Read more about legal coca

Content: Erythroxylum coca in powder Contents. PREMIUM QUALITY. Coca leaves microlpulverized natural, no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Instructions for use: use coca powder 1 to 2 g 3 times daily or 1 dose in the morning. It can be consumed with milk, juice, yogurt, honey and mixed with stews and in the preparation of various vegetarian dishes.

Caution: Keep the container tightly closed and store it in a cool, dry place protected from light.

1-2 tablespoons of Coca Leaf Powder dissolved in a glass of water, milk or your favorite juice after meals to experience all the vitamins and minerals that Coca Flour offers.

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